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Homes for Sale in Johnson City, TN

If you are hunting for homes for sale in Johnson City, TN, you aren’t alone. There are also a surprising number of options in styles, bedrooms, and furnishings, among other considerations.

While consumers today have an easier time researching by themselves, it takes professional help to keep it simple. Hiring an experienced real estate agent makes your search much more straightforward.

I stay on top of all of the current trends in the marketplace, as well as architecturally. Put your purchasing or sales dollar to best use with an expert local agent.

Houses for Sale in Johnson City, TN

The local market has shown positive trends over the past several years. As a result, we’ve seen tons of new development, and rising sales prices.

Both Forbes and Kiplinger have noted how idyllic our city is. Whether you want to start a business, a family, or retire, choose our community.

You can also find a diverse range of architectural styles for unique options. Contact me now to find your perfect place to live with listings for:

  • Ranch-Style Homes
  • Split-Level Houses
  • Two-Story Houses
  • Homes with Basements
  • Investment Property
  • New Construction Houses
  • Renovated Homes
  • Tudor-Style Homes
  • Historic Homes
  • Multi-Generational Houses
  • And other Johnson City homes for sale

No matter your reason for moving here, I guarantee you the best listings for your needs. See why our area is experiencing tons of new growth and move here yourself.

Homes for Sale Johnson City, TN

While there isn’t too much difference between buying and selling, I do have many responsibilities. Hiring means having a partner who wants to see you succeed.

I do what I can to maximize your asking price as quickly as possible. Once a house sits on the market after 90 days, things become much more challenging.

I know what marketing techniques work and which ones only waste resources. List your home for sale in Johnson City with confidence with steps like:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Area Comps
  • Closing Negotiation
  • Repair Planning
  • House Staging
  • Professional Listing Photos
  • Showing Request Management
  • Online Advertising
  • In-Person Sales Consultations

When you need an experienced seller’s agent on your side, hire me. I guarantee the highest ROI on any sales transaction we make.

Why Choose Johnson City, TN, Real Estate?

There are several reasons why John City, TN, is so popular for homeowners. Not only is there a low cost of living, but also an entrepreneurially minded focus.

You can find many prominent employers throughout the city and plenty of local small businesses. Whether you plan a career in healthcare or you want to start a company, you have many choices.

The entire Tri-City community has seen explosive growth over the last few years. As a result, the marketplace is exceedingly more competitive than ever before.

Factor in great local schools and plenty of commerce, and it’s a winning combination. Contact me now to buy or sell homes in Johnson City.

Why You Should Join the Johnson City, TN, Community

Another great thing about living in the community is all of the annual events. Every year, throughout every season, you can find plenty of fun things to do and new friends.

There are activities, clubs, and gatherings for virtually every interest and hobby. From finding new local brews to family-friendly outings, you can enjoy them all.

Both the city and its residents are committed to celebrating together for many different reasons. From music festivals to annual holiday celebrations, everyone looks forward to:

  • Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza
  • Blue Plum Festival
  • The Ballad Health Criterium
  • Little Chicago Downtown
  • Meet the Mountains Festival
  • Umoja
  • Downtown in December
  • Holiday Sip, Shop, and Stroll
  • Restaurant Week
  • And other annual events

No matter how you intend to enjoy your time off, you’ll find it here. Contact me now to find your new home or to sell yours today.

How to Buy Johnson City, TN, Real Estate

Buying a house should feel straightforward, but often it does not. There are many factors and professionals involved, and each one requires time and patience.

The first step is knowing what funding resources are available for your transaction. Whether you need a mortgage loan or are paying cash, determine how to find funding first.

Second is narrowing down what features will matter the most every day. How far is your commute, or where your kids are going to school.

Finally, is agreeing on what the right price is for your sale or purchase. No matter what your real estate needs are, contact me to handle them all.

Why Hire a Realtor for Johnson City, TN, Homes for Sale?

While some consumers prefer to work alone, choosing a real estate agent is ideal. Not only do I have a lot of unique skills, but I know what matters most.

When shopping alone, you don’t always ask about the age of the roof or about the condition of the HVAC equipment. As a result, you only pay more fixing these items later on, which should have already been addressed.

I ensure that you receive the highest care possible on every transaction. Whether you need to purchase, sell, or invest in local homes, choose me every time.

Even a for sale by owner home can become complicated. Make sure you have professional representation for your sale or purchase, and hire me now.

What’s My Process for Finding Homes for Sale in Johnson City?

Looking for a house is more than just finding where four walls meet. There are property ages, known problems, location, and price to consider as well.

Another item to look at is what sort of maintenance will be needed annually. Some features aren’t worth the hassle and some don’t add value to your home.

Since I am a licensed real estate agent, I have access to professional resources. When online tools bring back listings that ended months ago, I have your best options.

I make it easy to find a place you’ll love or to maximize selling prices. Hire me now to represent you at the closing table for any real estate transactions

Homes for Sale in Johnson City, Tennessee, Near Me

Another reason why Johnson City is a top consideration is because of the many neighborhoods nearby. You can find plenty of residential communities and stand-alone homes throughout the area.

Whether you are looking for peace and quiet or new neighbors, I can help you. As your experienced real estate professional, I know the local marketplace well.

No matter what neighborhood is the best one for you, I will find your best value possible. Contact me now to buy a new home or list one for sale throughout:

  • Arbor Heights
  • Austin Village
  • Breezy Hills
  • Monterey Hills
  • Tree Streets
  • West Hills
  • Westover
  • Westover Hills
  • Westwood-Gray
  • Woodhill Addition
  • Woodstone
  • Y Section
  • And other Johnson City neighborhoods

Whatever type of property you prefer or the community you like best, choose me for better results. I can help you achieve a smoother transaction no matter which side of the table you’re on.

The Brief History of Johnson City, TN

The area we love today has an unusual history but still has a bright future. The city has roots reaching back to the 1700s, although establishing residents took longer to take place.

It wasn’t until 1865 when Johnson’s Depot became founded as a railroad hub. By 1869, Johnson City formally took place, albeit during the tumultuous Civil War.

By the 1920s, Appalachian bootleggers and a blossoming music scene spurred downtown growth. Today, while entertainment is still celebrated, so are many professional industries in the area.

The city today is known for its healthcare and education, as well as prominent employers. When you need a great place to launch your career, choose Johnson City, TN.

How is the Weather in Johnson City, TN?

While it might sound like small talk, the weather and climate are essential moving considerations. More than one family has ended up surprised after purchasing their new place.

As we fall within the Appalachians, we get to enjoy mild weather most of the year. Even the summer seasons aren’t too brutal, topping out at the mid-80s.

The winter months do see chillier temperatures, but they typically aren’t freezing. You can anticipate seeing all four seasons and enjoying them all individually.

Our area does feature above-average rainfall, at around 44 inches annually. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors, then the lush Tennessee area is the ideal choice.

Why Choose Cory Parsons for Johnson City Real Estate?

While you have many choices for local real estate agents, I guarantee you the best results. Working with me by your side means locating your best listings and increasing your ROI.

Even if you aren’t investing in real estate, keeping the transaction profitable is still vital. You never have to fear being out-negotiated when you hire my services.

I have over six years of experience in the community and over 400 completed sales. When you need a knowledgeable local real estate professional, I’m here for you.

Whatever your reasons for choosing Johnson City, I’ll make sure you get the best deal. Buy, sell, or invest in local area homes with confidence and call me today.

Higher Education Opportunities in Johnson City, TN

More people than ever are seeking out higher education, especially as they become more accessible. Students today span all ages and demographics, and online learning is everywhere.

Whether you graduated high school or are returning, you have many options. Here in Johnson City, you can find many local places to attend.

From healthcare to athletics, pharmacology, and other fields, you can find them all here. Moving to our city also means access to many learning opportunities, such as:

  • Northeast State Community College
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Milligan University
  • King University
  • Tusculum University
  • Bristol College
  • ETSU Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy
  • Ross Medical Education Center
  • And other nearby institutions

No matter what field you wish to study, you have several options. See why our community is a top consideration for advanced educational students.

Higher Education Opportunities in Johnson City, TN

As an experienced real estate agent, I always have your best interests at heart. No matter what factors matter the most in your search, you can rely on me.

When you need the best deals in Johnson City, hire me. Choose Cory Parsons, the Lion Listings, for real estate services.

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